This is the Bhangra Wall Step

This is a more challenging lesson from JustBhangra Membership. We hope you enjoyed it and wanted to give you a taste of whats in the members area. To find out in more detail what else is involved within the members area click button below to find out more.

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    Raminder says:

    I’m having so much fun, and the lessons are really great and helpful. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

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    NI says:

    Great Video!

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    AneeLia says:

    I like this move, this is pretty cool.

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    Guzel says:

    Thanks a lot especially for the details in technique !!! Lessons are very clear, expressive and, agree, very helpful. And your cheerful & sprightly exclamations really inflame !! You rock !!!

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    Alpay says:

    This step is just fantastic!
    And the way tis explained, plus the slow-mid-fell speed approach is very helpful to get used to it!
    Looking forward to lesson 4!

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    Wow, this lesson was great. You kicked my ass! I will practice this one over and over. Thank you so much.

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    really good. can you please post more lessons at a time there and make them longer please you just make learning bhangra so much fun im actually learning thank you, keep them coming :D

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    laura says:


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    superb says:

    please have an option to download these videos ……………
    its difficult to watch these again again using net……

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    kevin says:

    wow, really a good workout, keep them comin, this one was way more challenging than the others

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    it is really nice bro keepd up

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    Raj says:

    Great video guys, keep up the good work cause it’s really helping learn Bhangra.

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    Thanks guys!!

    When can I expect next lesson?


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    Lubinstein says:

    Amazing…yet again! Keep them coming!

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    sukhman says:

    What do you have to say?

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    sukhman says:

    awesome bro.!!!!!! keep it up:) :) :)

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    1st and 2nd steps are so easy but 3rd one………………i really needs to work hard.when you perform it look so easy.good job.

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    yeah it really help me to learn bhangra and i perform the same step in my fresher party and all my friends like my dance.

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    sam says:

    The lessons are really helpful!

    looking forward to the next one,

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    Anu says:

    i absolutely love the way you teach it make much more sense and i hve learnd alot.

    would love to get moreeeeee

    we want moreeee

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    Lawrence says:

    Are there going to be any more? I haven’t been sent any more!!!

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    narinder says:

    very good video keep up

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    Jeet says:

    Hello i hope you can help me because i cannot sign up and i don’t know why but i want to. Everytime i put my name and email and then a page says an error occured, can you help me?
    Thanks guys, i want to learn bhangra so bad, cause it’s so cool.

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    Simran says:

    the way u teach bhangra makes it so easier for us to learn at our own pace Keep up the good work!

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    Jass Gill says:

    Its kind of hard…but m

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    KAPIL says:

    Difficult steps, but easy to learn with you as u make it easy to pick it up , thanks a lot….

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    really nice simple and effective steps…
    keep it up..

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    Gillian says:

    A fun lesson – like the bounces!

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    sukhwinder singh says:

    thanks bahi ji for part 3 it is really good for me and a specila thanks u for this really i enjoy this very much……………..thanks again

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    abc says:

    Not only do you make it look simple…you actually make it simple….WOW!!

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    thnks for part 3 it is so nice but i have not received other part after part3 why sir ………………………..? my email id is

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    very good thanks alot i don’t have words to say thank you.i am very greatful to u

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    please send me more bhangra lasson.please don’t leave me in between.thankyou

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    WOW……this word explains everything……gr8 work…..expecting next lesson soon…..

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    raj says:

    part 1,2 3 has really improved my bhangra skills. thanks for your help. TRUELY AWESOME. i need more bhangra steps for the dance floor. when can i expect part 4.

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    Nadia says:

    Thank you for another lovely lesson. It feels great to learn new steps.

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    Phew! I was panting with this one but I did better with this than I did the first two! Haha, silly me. I definitely will be reviewing all three until the fourth comes. Thank you!

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    L L says:

    Awesome! I love the step-by-step, and I can’t wait for some more sweet moves!

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    Amit says:

    Amazing Guys, Superb!! Keep up the good work!!

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    Narender says:

    thanx for part 3rd..


    sir i want 4th part


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    Noor says:

    Very good explanation! Can’t wait for the next lesson!

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    i am not getting any more lessons after this lesson(no 3)…i have been waiting for almost 2 weeks…..can you please post it asap…..has anyone else got lesson 4…..please help me….thanks in advance

    Amandeep Singh

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    summi says:

    I could’t pick in two times maybe i’m so dumb in learning bhangra i will keep trying………..

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    teena says:

    even for me it is now fun to learn to bhangra and see if i can dance it at my own wedding … well, at least a bit of it … :-) )
    so much fun!!

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    Murali says:

    I have been looking for Bhangra video lessons for a long time. Your videos are very professional and you dance very well. Thank you for putting them together. Awesome job brother, keep going…Looking forward to learn more steps.

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    amrinder says:

    gud work bro kep it up
    when r u gona add more videos

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    sid says:

    Great…yet again! Keep them coming!

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    janhvi says:

    refined bhangra steps to be picked up. looking for your lesson 4

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    teena says:

    hi, i was wondering when the next part will be coming out …
    it has been a long time now … i’m left off with parts 1-3, are there
    more to come??
    thanx a great bunch

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    robin says:

    sir i really thankfull to u 4 this

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    robin says:

    plz send me next lesson

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    Jacquie says:

    Thank you, very good lesson. Even my boyfriend joined :-)

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    Saurabh says:

    All your videos are of high quality and bhangra steps are taught very well…Its awesome :) Keep it up

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    sir,please send the next lesson

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    hjaved says:

    very nice guys,,its really helping.. :)

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    shalini says:

    hi nice steps…. wen i can learn next lesson….. eagerly awaiting……

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    Jacquie says:

    Cool, thanks a lot! It’s getting better!

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    Patz says:

    good one again. thanx so much

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    yaji says:

    Brilliant! Enjoying a lot….!
    Thank you so……. much

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    The great videos for Bhangra learners. Thanks a bunch for such nice videos.
    Please add some more video ….

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    Bev says:

    This is truly my first steps in learning Bhangra Dance and I am really enjoying it. Thank you for such a great posting.
    When will Part 4 lessons be expected to view? I cannot wait, all excited.

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    khera says:

    Nice work guys. Keep it up. Next lesson 4 , when is it coming up?

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    zaira says:

    once again good videos very helpful i actually used these kinds of steps at my cusions wed was mast ;)

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    Matt Dando says:

    Fantastic! – I’ve found muscles I’d forgotten and had a great time as well. Keep they coming!!


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    brilliant keep them coming .. faster……..

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    praveen says:

    nice.. its helping alot…thankssssssss

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    It’s very nice.
    I improve my bhangra skills with the help of these videos.
    I need more when can i get these……..
    Thanx for all this

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    Gaurav says:

    Great work…… keep it up….cheers to u all


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    Sir pls send the next lesson soon………..
    I’ll very thankfull for that………

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    I really need your help pls,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    kanika says:

    keep them coming!!!!!!
    loving it….

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    Yevgeniy says:

    Great job guys!!!

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    Vish says:

    Your lessons are great!

    I have used them as a way to positively engage at-risk young people to Indian culture. Please do keep them coming!

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    Jess says:

    These videos are great workouts! Fun to do as well! Keep em coming! I’m like totally in love with this style now. :)

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    What do you have to
    do you have dvd which teaches bhangra steps

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    rohit says:

    great bro. keep it up

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    Vroni says:

    Thanks you for the nice 3th part, with a bhangra step which I didn´t seen before. You show the lesson so good, that I´m sure with a few more lesson I can dance bhangra with my relatives in punjab. The will be suprise(cause I´m german) thank you so much for this.

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    Khechara says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I love it! I’m new to bhangra and it really inspires me! It is so happy and free in it’s expression, thank you again.

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    thank you sir, this is awesome!

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    Amit says:

    Hi Guys,

    You guys are doing an exceptional job, keep it up.
    It seems you guys are on a long vacation, please be back soon.


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    Aman says:

    Awesome! Thanks for these lessons! M not sure why, but there are a very few places where one can get bhangra tutorials… Thanks again!

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    Jessica says:

    I’m finding Bhangra lots of fun. Is it a dance for just guys or what? I like part 3 the best. The moves are less complicated surprisingly. For me at least. lolz I both love and hate you right now. lolz Having a blast cant wait for video 4 but my legs are like killing me. haha Burns so good. xD I have the same question as Raj. When can I be expecting a 4th video?

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    Awesome Lesson!! Cant wait for the next one!! Thanks!!

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    Joan says:

    I love doing the three steps so far. When are you going to demonstrate the fourth step?

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    Bahut badiya Guru G………………

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    Siri says:

    Can’t be better, I love it. tks

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    ileana says:

    It’s much energetic that I’ve thought!.
    Must remember to move my shoulders…

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    that’a a real punjabi bhangra . its agreat, awesome,and amazing.

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    ashwani says:

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    all the lessons are awsome.plz send me the 4th one

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    jasmeet says:

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    well,this is the step,i’ve been trying hard to do,but,cudnt do so far…. however,with these coaching lessons online,i’ve been able to do it properly TODAY…. Grraaiiiitt going…. thanks…keep it up.

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    What do you have to say?
    Beatifully explained nice vedio for the learner.

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    Thanks. The lessosns have been really helpful. I have been using them to teach my 4th graders Bhangra. I need some more lessons and fast because my students are very excited to learn more. Thanks.

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    good perform in bhangra dance

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    nirmal says:

    I’m 58 but still wish to do it right.Thanks guys.It’s Bhangra that gives so much meaning to my life.

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    lucky says:

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    PREET says:

    hey brother the BHANGRA WALL is awsome man… i really enjoyed it a lot……….may god bless u and make u perfect in bhangra….just burrrrrrrrrrraaaaahhhh/////////

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    Prabh says:

    Great work bro… hope you gonna put on more videos soon!

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    great videos…I cannot believe that I am starting to do bhangra….all credits to the wonderful videos made by you……thanks a lot and hoping for a lot more such videos…:)))

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    Your energy is contagious! Keep up the great work! :)

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    Great video guys, keep up the good work cause it’s really helping learn Bhangra

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    neelam says:

    Great help for learning & teaching

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    Susan says:

    I love the shoulder movement – I see many You Tube videos where the arms are raised but not the shoulders – bad form!! The celebratory nature of Bhangra is infectious. The way the instructor says “lefT” for the viewer but he uses his right foot – shows a more professional aspect to the videos. Many people do not do that when demonstrating.
    Thanks so much – cannot wait for lesson 4!!

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    mazhar says:

    really good. can you please post more lessons at a time there and make them longer please you just make learning bhangra so much fun im actually learning thank you, keep them coming

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    Jasmine says:

    Thanks for explaining clearly. Do you think there may be a different way for girls to perform the same step?…..but this was not difficult to do. :)

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    Dev says:

    How about adding more videos … we sure do need more moves

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    Sneha says:

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    Thank you so much!
    Hugs from Mexico.

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    i need more bhangra steps for the dance floor. when can i expect part 4. guide me please

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    Amazing work, the way you teach and explain the steps it looks like very easy, I never thought somebody can explain the steps in such a simple way, Awesome work looking forward for more videos, I hope I’ll learn Bhangra this way. It was always my dream to learn to dance and specially Bhangra thank you so much

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    This is great. I’m glad there is such a programme that teaches Bhangra, Something I’ve always wanted to learn. Please, can you have one for kids age 5 to 6 years old. Thanks. You’re doing a great job.

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    Fantastic, but I need some oxygen if I work though all 3 lessons. I’m sure that it gets easier with practice

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    Now the practise!

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