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    Chetna says:


    Reply from Bridget Pappa
    Hi, I enjoy your weblog. Is there something I can do to obtain updates like a subscription or something? I am sorry I am not familiar with RSS?
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    Nana says:

    hi im nana..i hope i can learn something here so please help me..hehe

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    hey. i m a beginner and i can even do 1 or 2 steps but i really wanna learn. plz help me out

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    siya says:

    hi wantd to learn bhangra.

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    Guzel says:

    Hi !! ‘m Guzel and would love to learn Bhangra steps… It’s so energetic and full of ardour.. Let’s see :)

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    What do you have to say? LET US SWEE HOW IT HELPS TO LEARN BHANGRA

  7. 7.

    What do you have to say? LET US SEE HOW IT HELPS TO LEARN BHANGRA

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    ravneet says:

    hi,i wud love to learn bhangra steps..

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    HI i am Preet…….. :)
    I want to learn bhangra…. :)

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    i want to learn bhangra! i already dance kathak and bollywood style!

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    laura says:


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    hey i am seema and i would love to learn how to do bhangra its been a dream how to do bhangra!!


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    Theresi says:

    Hey, waiting for your videos… How’s it goin’? Been lookin forward to them… thx

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    Ninha says:

    I am Ninha.
    I want to learn bhangra! i already dance kathak and bollywood style.

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    Billu says:

    i want to learn bhangra

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    Harjeet says:

    I am a Punjabi & I know Bhangra. I can do bollywood style however interested to learn something new.


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    Harpinder says:


    I would like to learn Bhangra.

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    looking forward to my bhangra lessons!! Jacqueline

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    Kanishka says:

    thanks so much for creating such a site!
    i am really looking forward to bhangra! :)

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    Sudhir says:

    What are we waiting for? Let’s start

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    Hola,gracias por estas lecciones de bhangra.

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    anamika says:

    thankyou very much!! for sending me link for 1st lesson hope will get next lessons link soon.
    But really a gr8 effort for creating website justbhangra.com.

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    This is an awesome start to basic bhangra! Despite I already know the basics I didnt loose interest at all. I also love the background music it really gets you in the groove! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

  24. 24.

    This is an awesome start to basic bhangra! Despite I already know the basics I didnt loose interest at all. I also love the background music it really gets you in the groove! Can’t wait to see what comes next!

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    nice class
    send me next step

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    This is awesome – thanks so much for these videos! I’m looking forward to seeing more, so please keep them coming! :-)

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    Name Pali says:

    excellent. Keep on doing it. We appreciate your efforts.

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    Harpreet says:

    The instructor is very clear in presenting and teaching….

    I wish there was more steps taught every session….Actually I need to attend a friends wedding in a months’ time…

    Thanks again


    Reply from admin
    Hi Hapreet, Thanks for your comments! We are just getting warmed up and there are plenty more steps, variations and tips to come. We understand that you many have an event coming up that you want to perform at - soon we will have a few options including a 'crash course' where you will be able to learn a full choreography hopefully in time for you event! Look out for the next few videos and keep the feedback coming! Just Bhangra
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    Thank You,

    Interesting! Is there a historical info/interpretation of the bhangra steps?

    Reply from admin
    Hi! As we bring you more videos each will go into detail about the dance steps being taught which will include some information about their origins. To start you off one of the most important things to understand is that Bhangra is an art form of celebration! Here you will learn various interpretations of dance steps, this reflects both the style of instructor, Manu Singh and evolving nature of Bhangra worldwide. If you have a specific question about the history of any movement please feel free to ask! Just Bhangra
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    It is too good. i appreciate the effort you guys are making to spread our culture through your dance. i am sure a lot of people will admire this. thanks a lot. we will be eagerly waiting for the next lesson.

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    This website and video are awesome for a few reasons:

    1. It’s sent directly to our email
    2. Very good instruction and instructor
    3. You have this feedback option because you want to know what will help us most.
    I really appreciate this and will watch it a few times… at least until I get it down. Looking forward to the next lesson.
    Thank you,
    I must Bhangra or die :-)

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    Class is awesome. Tried to learn some from family and neighbors in India, but there is the awkward factor. Here at home I can look dumb until I get it right then show them when I go back to visit. Please send me next lesson.

    Reply from Just Bhangra
    Hi Mishael, Thanks for the comments! Haha, I can understand the 'awkward factor' and thats exactly why we want to make sure we bring to training direct to you! - learning it at your own pace with no pressure is essential! With some practice you will definitely get it, look forward to hearing about you showing your skills off to the world. Just Bhangra
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    Aman says:

    guys u r awesome!!! dis wz sikk!!!
    i jus hope u guys keep it coming!!!
    u guyssss rockkk!!!!!

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    Betsy says:

    First lesson is very clear; you are able to impart a great deal of ‘background’ information effortlessly.

    I like especially the breakdown of exactly what body part goes where when. Such details really help perform correctly, and avoid injury that follows from incorrect performance. Other Bhangra lessons are far less clear on what the step actually is.

    Breaking down the steps, working on one at a time clearly understanding the name of each, is very inspiring. Wish I could go to your class!

    Reply from Just Bhangra
    Hi Betsy! Thanks for your wonderful compliments and you have raised a very important point about avoiding injury- we would strongly encourage all of you to warm up before doing the lessons, stay tuned because future videos will have a full warm up routine thats great not just for these lessons but as a kick start to the day! We certainly want to teach with as much detail to ensure that even a beginner can really build some technique and form. If we can impart some form of joy and inspiration thats really great to hear. Just Bhangra
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    Christine says:

    You guys are made of awesome! You MUST make more!

    Is it possible to tell us the background music to the videos?
    Is it true that Bhangra is traditionally a male dance? Do women do bhangra in India?

    Reply from Just Bhangra
    Hi Christine, Thanks for your great comments and questions. There is plenty more to come, so stay tuned and keep practicing! Just to be clear Just bhangra lessons are for anyone- of any skill level, male or female- so please enjoy! To answer your questions the background music is called "Seeti" (it means whistle) by Miss Pooja and Geeta Zaildar. Bhangra is 'traditionally' a male dance HOWEVER all around the world Bhangra as an art form and dance is evolving and countless women are learning and performing Bhangra with the same passion and energy- we have many great female dancers in our professional team! It is the dance of celebration and for me everyone has the right to celebrate! My experience in India has been that on a competitive level Bhangra competitions are still dominated by men and 'Giddha' is still the main competitive dance for women, this is certainly changing especially in countries such as the US, UK and Australia where high level competitions have had mixed teams for quite some years. Just to provide a bit of background, the origins of Bhangra stem from Punjab and was danced by men, the female folk dance that you could say is the equivalent to Bhangra is known as 'Giddha'. This is also a lively dance where the women often share tales from the villages in energetic rhyming couplets known as 'boliyan', the 'thari' or clap is quite prominent in this style. Hope this helps! Happy to answer questions anytime! Just Bhangra
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    ashwani says:

    Its a wonderful way to learn bhangra.
    keep going you are doing great job.

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    aman says:

    hey wen r da nu vids comin!!! can hardly w8!!!

    Reply from Just Bhangra
    Hi Aman, Not long now at all! We want to make sure your all up to speed so make sure you practice so you have a great foundation moving forward. Keep an eye on your email, the wait is almost over! We could not be more excited to bring you our next lesson. JustBhangra
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    ruchi jain says:

    please provide lessons after lesson1

  40. 40.
    mani says:

    thanks yaar balle balle ho jaoogi

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    rina says:

    hi ‘JustBhangra’ do uu do any bhangra lessons in wolverhampton by any chance ?

    thankq x

    Reply from JustBhangra
    Hi Rina, We would love to have a school in the UK however unfortunately we are based in Sydney, Australia BUT that is exactly what JustBhangra is about - to give you access to lessons online so that no matter where you are you can still learn Bhangra!! Hopefully sometime in the future we will certainly try and hold a seminar or live classes in the UK! Practice and follow the lessons to come, feel free to ask specific questions on technique - these will be answered through our site. We will also produce videos that specifically answer member comments and requests! JustBhangra Team
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    burfi says:

    it was good fun i don’t do much exercise and right now i have sweat all over my face this was my first lesson i am looking forward to the next lesson!

  43. 43.
    Sivia says:

    first lesson was fun…can’t wait for next lesson… =)

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    sunny says:

    1st lesson is great. desprate to see next,,,,,

  45. 45.
    zara says:


    We need help with some bhangra moves to the song Gal Mitthi Mittthi (from the new movie aisha). We need to do a couple dance on this song is a full punjabi-bhangra style. Help us please.

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    anju says:

    1st lesson was great. dying to see next lesson………..thanks a lot.

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    jas says:

    Very good and extremely helpful

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    Bonnie says:

    This is a really helpful video! I have been trying to find a bhangra video that isn’t a fitness/workout video, which focuses on the dance. Please post more!

  49. 49.

    What a good idea! Your are really kind! Thanks You!

  50. 50.

    nice work brother. Till today i didn’t know any bhangra but i always wanted to learn. I’m trying the first step. Please post next step as soon as poosible.

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    Cosmo says:

    Awesome vid. Love the step by step talk through that you dont usually get with instructional bhangra vids.

    Would love to see more as I am Sikh but nervous to dance at weddings

  52. 52.
    Rajiv Sood says:

    Saw the 1st part of Bhangra lessons. Very useful and easy way of teaching. Wonder, if I could download it and make a album so as to learn it off line as well.

    Thanks in any way for the lesson.

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    . says:

    What do you have to say?

    great fun

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    umesh says:

    loved it, n would like to learn more

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    ! says:

    Freaking hectic! keep it up guys

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    raj says:

    amazing job! when is the next part comming out?

  57. 57.

    Can’t get on to site-each time loink cloicked u came the home page-spent good half hour to get lesson 1-finally gave u

    Reply from JustBhangra
    Hi, We apologise that you've had some difficulty trying to access to lessons, once you have signed up each email should contain the correct link to a lesson video. If you are still having troubles trying to access the page please let us know and we can send through some alternate links that you can access straight away. Thanks for your patience. JustBhangra Team
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    zaida says:

    muy bueno

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    s.Jatt says:

    Really good!, keep them coming please (Y). I cant see any more just clip 1 :S, is there any way you can send me them

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    Tarun says:

    Thanks a lot for teaching a dance move in such a simple manner. Could you please send me the link for next lesson also on my email id.

    Thanks again,
    Tarun Aggarwal

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    vipi says:

    Good lesson and interesting. Keep it Up!

  62. 62.
    sohaib says:

    i love to say that i have learnt alot from this video and i am hoping that you would put more videos put thank you

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    Gill says:

    Good fun and exercise. How many lessons do you plan to do?

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    amreen says:

    I really think you are a brilliant teacher, I’ve seen a few bhangra tutorials but often they are hard to follow. This is great and easy to do. Like your accent too.

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    Lorenza says:

    more please!!!!!
    this is great!

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    nimrah says:

    its amazing.Can you guys like put a whole dance together/? like a full dance on a song.

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    ram says:

    great work…really looking forward to learning more steps. I hope they are posted shortly.

  68. 68.

    Awsome practice!! Very nice teaching. I learned these first steps in just 15 minutes.

    Thanks guys!

    Hope I’ll keep on learning more and will become a good bhangra performer.


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    Raj says:

    Keep up the good work guys, Lesson 1 was extremely useful, hope you will be putting more soon



    Reply from Jen Jade
    What do you have to say?
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    Lubinstein says:

    This is amazing, we need more esp. with lots of arm movements please. amazing job thanks.

  71. 71.

    can i gat more lesson on line ?

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    gurleen says:

    are these classes free?

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    AARSH says:

    Hi Just Bhangra team

    first lesson is fantastic and need to know how will i get link for next lessons.
    keep it up

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    Salim says:

    nice sir, keep it up.

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    Maneet says:

    Hey nice lessons . Pl include some more steps.
    N ya dnt 4gt few steps for girls also

  76. 76.

    I am trying to access the link, but it does not give response.

  77. 77.
    JIm says:

    I love this idea…would love some more “shuffle-y” kinds of moves, as the hopping is a LITTLE bit hard on my knees….KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, and yes, more arm movement too !!!!!

  78. 78.
    Gurpreet says:

    Amazing guide. Good bhangra tutorials are hard to find. This one nailed it!! Easy to follow. Will be defintely dropping those moves on the dancefloor lol. Cheers, We need more!!!

  79. 79.

    What do you have to say?
    wow…great..its very interesting….
    can you also have giddha lessons… my sister wants to learn giddha…

    tks yaar…

  80. 80.
    Jeet says:


    Very nice video and very good steps, please post some more videos.

    great work.

  81. 81.

    Really Helpfull…..Please put more lessons.

  82. 82.
    Bryn says:

    I would love to see more Bhangra samples. I love this style of dance and do a dance fitness class of Bollywood/Bhangra class movement. It is very interactive and folks are digging it. I like bringing various moves to class. It keeps folks from getting bored.
    Enjoyed this video. Make more! Whee!!

  83. 83.

    wonderful job.u made it so easy.thanks

  84. 84.
    neo says:

    awesome, add more lessons ! thanks

  85. 85.
    Djay says:

    Looks great! going to try it with some friends tomorrow. Keep up the good work!

  86. 86.
    Marriyah says:

    Ooo this site is pretty goood :L .. Keep up thee good work :P x

  87. 87.
    Marriyah says:

    Me Again ? .. Whyy Have You Only Got 1 Lesson ?

  88. 88.
    angela says:

    Im hosting a charity fundraiser and we’re having a bollywood night….any chance you have a copy of your lessons on cd?

  89. 89.
    Rizz says:

    Great lesson need more moves soon as poss as my daughters wedding is coming I get to beat and dance with young crowd please put more lessons up Thanks

  90. 90.
    urgelina says:

    thank you for share with me this amazin dance.
    sorry for my english, my native language is spanish.
    bye bye.

  91. 91.

    yes it looks easy to learn. i start practising with these lesson.

  92. 92.

    Bro, I wanted learn sum basic steps of GIDHA also.

  93. 93.
    hunny says:

    thanks to you i can try n dance @my bros wedding i m hopeless but u made it so simple i cant thank you enough plz keep up the good work for ppl like us .. lots of lov

  94. 94.
    bawa says:

    amazing video very nice steps plz sent some more videos

  95. 95.
    Mohit says:

    awesome job….thnks a lot

    plz upload more vedios…….

  96. 96.

    Ya, this is wonderful. Please continue to post more :)

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    dipesh says:

    thanx for uploading this video .plz plz upload some more steps
    this is very helpful for me .
    thanx again

  98. 98.
    Andrea says:

    Please post more videos – this one was great – the break down of the moves made it very easy to learn. thanks!!

  99. 99.
    kartik says:

    i love bhangra itz awsome

  100. 100.
    narinder says:

    amazing very good step keep it up

  101. 101.
    Jeet says:

    Good work………..keep it up………

  102. 102.

    Love it! So nice! Getting that Chak De-feeling already!
    What will be the next step?

  103. 103.

    I don’t have have word to express my feelings…just beautifulllllllllllllllllll…!!!!

    Thanks ji!

  104. 104.
    Ma'isah says:

    Great video, Excited for lesson two! How many lessons do you see to achieve a basic working level of Bhangra, and will there be combinations, some lessons on musicality and what the moves mean, and perhaps some work with Gidha for those of us who are female and love the Bhangra style? (I hope I spelled that correctly).
    Thank you for all you hard work so far!

  105. 105.
    sid says:

    amazing work buys keep it up!!

    hey can you put sme vids up for the grils tht wanna learn bhangra plz!! or can they do the same one as the boys?..

  106. 106.
    Vikas says:

    Hi dear its amazing
    put second one

    thnx a lot for first

  107. 107.
    Palwinder says:

    Thanks sir it is help full now i will also getting a hope of dancing in parties with my brothers. Looking forward for more lessons.
    and its very strategic method. (i mean consummate method).

  108. 108.

    Hello My Friend like ur Way to Teach Bhangra Step. but I need Some Special Step just like Empire Bhangre. I know all these Basic steps. so please if u can send Emprie Bhangra Steps Video. i will thankfull to u my dear friend

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    cloud says:

    nice vdo man keep it up bt here i can see only one vdo, i want more vdo’s ……

  110. 110.
    simran says:

    its awesome!!Keep up the good work!!

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    manu says:

    It is awesome. I have just learned this step. Please it’s a request if you can put more videos…..:)

  112. 112.


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    nikil says:

    awsum i luv

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    Jeet says:

    Bhangra rocks! I can’t get enough of it. I think all people should know Bhangra, and see that it’s so fun and great dance for parties. Thank you so much and keep making videos of all that you know. Plus i am having difficulties getting the videos can you help, please. Thanks.

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    diven says:

    Good work, please need more steps, m just new to bhangra. This video clip helps alot.
    Please send me more steps


  116. 116.
    Sandhya says:

    I really enjoyed lesson 1 so please post more lessons! I’m practicing for my wedding!

  117. 117.
    rinku says:

    i just love everything about punjab and guys you are doing really a great job for bhangra fans. i wanna know, if u are providing some practical classes near thane(W), Maharashtra.

  118. 118.
    Jass Gill says:

    Awesome video. Easy basic steps.

  119. 119.
    Mukul says:

    lesson 1 was helpful….plz post some more…thanks

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    Kapil says:

    cool Man, really like it, looking forward for next steps…..

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    Eileen says:

    I love Bhangra music and was learning some moves on Comcast cable On Demand Service. They have dancing lessons there but they have since gotten rid of all Indian and Bollywood dance lessons. I would love to see more lessons involving the “twisting light bulb” actions and other moves. I am sorry but do not have the names of the other moves I was learning. I am going to be dancing next Saturday at an International food and dance party. I am also bringing an Indian dish to share. Thanks.

  122. 122.

    lesson 1 was preeti good .thank you for putting it online its a big help for those people who really want to learn there culture but they don’t have access to learn it outside.thanks alot again and where i can learn the second lesson.

  123. 123.
    Sasmita says:

    It’s nice video. Steps are clear. I am looking for my kid(she is 7 yrd old) . Instead online I want DVD. That DVD should contain basis steps of Bhangara instead a full song. Though it is mentioned $20. But I can’t pay this much I am ok with ($10-$14).

    Please let me know the DVD containts and price details and procedure for sending viam mail.


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    barbara says:

    I love the dance and the music. Not sure how good i can do, but going to try. I have to modify leg steps as I had a knee replacement and can’t jump on it. Your music is fantastic.
    I’m in America and my very good friend in India introduced me to the music and dance. It’s great.

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    abc says:

    Is there just one lesson out there? it was too good but guess we need more!

  126. 126.
    Navdeep says:

    gud Wrk guyzzz… keep it up… cum up wid sum more lessons as soon as possible… ga pa ta…

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    Tictac says:

    This is so helpful! Keep it up

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    usman says:

    hey man ur are awesome and it seems like u are a wonderfull coach ur coaching style is very nice and frendly
    but how can i get more lessons
    u know i just did part one and my heart is like pump action shot gun lolz

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    Pratima says:

    It’s gret website. But do they have only one video?

  130. 130.
    Gary says:

    Dude This is Awesome, Videos are Crisp and Clear, Music is awesome and best of all the Talent showing here is amazing.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more Videos.


  131. 131.

    i wanna say that u r mind blowing person.today i have learnt lesson 1 of basic bhangra step it was really a thrilling experience.now i m interested to learn moree of it kindlylet me know how can i .as u have given only one lesson online.thanks and bless u

  132. 132.
    manpreet says:

    pleases send the next lesson.thanks

  133. 133.

    very nice steps
    learn nice

  134. 134.

    Great tutorial

  135. 135.

    lesson 1 was too good……please post other lessons also asap….cant wait for those…..thanks in advance….

  136. 136.

    is there only one video at this time?????

  137. 137.
    Laurence says:

    So very clear and easy to folllow!
    is it the same way for men and ladies?is there difference in the legs, arms, hands, bodie movements? if there is can you show the differences?
    can you give the name of good Bhangra music ?
    so many thanks

  138. 138.
    hashna says:


    realiiii amazinggggggggggggggg .

    please post more videos :)

    thnks in advance

  139. 139.
    harpreet says:

    What do you have to say?
    send some video of bhangra to my id thanks]

  140. 140.

    it z jst awsome ..!!..plz put sme more videos..!!

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    isha says:

    This is amazing,now i can also dance…
    but i wanna learn some more…please tell me how i can watch more video’s.

  142. 142.
    Nadia says:

    I really enjoyed the first lesson, and I am looking forward to receiving the next one in my inbox. Thanks a lot, amazing tutorial !! I’ve been searching for a bhangra course since a long time. I’m keen on learning this fabulous dance. So I’m really happy to have found your team. It is easy to follow the steps in the video. Have a great time ahead!

  143. 143.
    Sara says:

    keep it up

  144. 144.
    Neeraj Kumar` says:

    What do you have to say?

  145. 145.

    I want to learn Bhangra …….because i think its best in its class ………i`m also belong to Punjab…….I really so eager to learn it….and i don`t know more but i think your sight is the best way to learn it as i recognized by how to way of learned the first step …….i very thankful to you if you help me to learn it and i also want to join any group after being perfect in it

  146. 146.
    narender says:

    thank you sir/mam very-very thank you sir……for this step


  147. 147.
    teena says:

    cool … i’m just starting to learn … appreciate your effort and look forward to seeing many more video lessons … :-) )
    live in germany, married to a punjabi hindu :-) ) want to learn to dance bhangra since family events will be around the corner and i don’t want to sit in a corner just watching … :-) )
    keep it up!!

  148. 148.
    Kazi says:

    this is fantastic
    thank you.
    when do other lessons become available?

  149. 149.
    Shiv says:

    This was a great video! I’m excited for the next one! Thanks!

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    aman says:

    awesome stuff….didnt think that it will be this good…thanks a lot….

  151. 151.

    This is totally great! I married into some really wonderful East Indian people and I always wanted to learn. This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you! Now I can boogie at weddings and parties with them!

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    Amit says:

    We desperately want more. Come on Guys!!

  153. 153.
    Mila says:

    please post some more!

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    summi says:

    very good teaching.I hope you put more bhangra steps.Very detailed teaching that what i need to know.

  155. 155.

    gr8 job

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    Rami says:

    Hey that was really good! The tips really helped me out. Do you know guys when you will be putting more videos up? Also, would it be possible to put some giddha videos up?

  157. 157.
    Param says:

    Videos are really Good, just a bit of suggestion that make the video from more closer so that hand hand leg movements should be visible more.

  158. 158.
    Tammy says:

    I loved you video. How often do u get the lessons. I need to learn bhangra as soon as possible.. and I haven’t seen as good of a video as yours yet out there…

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    kuldeep says:

    i really like ur steps towards punjabies

  160. 160.
    luisa says:

    great tutorial thanks!!!

  161. 161.
    robin says:

    its so easy sir its very good to learn bhangra in easy way

  162. 162.
    jacquie says:

    You’re a good teacher, keep it up.
    i know some bhangra steps, but did not learn all of them in such detail. This really helped!

    I clicked a link on youtube indicating I would find gidha tutorial here. Do you have one?


  163. 163.
    Peanut says:

    Nice Basic Steps and what’s next?

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    Great i would like to go further. Thanks

  367. 367.
    Karishma says:

    Please make more videos! PLEASE!!! You are amazing!!!

  368. 368.
    Katherine Lyons says:

    nice way to break it down — now give me more : PLEASE =)

  369. 369.
    asHok says:

    It looks easy to learn BHANGRA WITH YOU,

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    Ramandeep says: