What do i learn in JustBhangra.com?

Once you are subscribed to our mailing list you get some free Bhangra lessons emailed straight to you starting from the basics that will have you doing your first bhangra steps within a few days.

Why do you give Free Bhangra Lessons?

We want to help anyone that wants to learn. But this is also our way of showing that it isnt difficult to learn bhangra and if you like the free lessons that we offer then you will definately love and benefit from the Just Bhangra Membership

What is the Just Bhangra Membership?

The Just Bhangra Membership is a Complete Bhangra Learning Course that goes for 4 weeks. Once you sign up to the membership you will get weekly, Just Bhangra Lessons, Just Bhangra Practice Drills, and Just Bhangra Choreography. By the end of the 4 weeks you will be able to do a full Choreography. For more details visit http://justbhangra.com/signup